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Dear pals!
My title is Irina Mamoshina. Remember to pay a second of your interest : -).
Our business HangZhou CZPT Global Trade Co., Ltd is engaged in the production and sale of auto areas for Chinese special products, engines and products assembly. We also generate metallic elements ourselves, such as gears, fingers, filters, and so on.
Our items include:
— (Xugong) spare areas for entrance, XG958, XG958H, XG953H, XG955H, XG956H
— (Shangong):
ZL50F, SEM658C, SEM659C, SEM668C, SEM660B, SEM669B
— (Lingong) spare elements for entrance-stop loaders:
LG918, LG936, LG956, LG958, LG968
ZL30H, ZL50H, ZL50G, ZL60H, ZL968, ZL958
FL935E, FL936, FL958G, FL956
— spare parts for front loaders:
CLG856, ZL40B, ZL30E, ZL50C, ZL50EX, LG835
CDM816, CDM835E, CDM853, CDM855E, CDM856E, CDM860.
We also offer you the subsequent types of CZPT for sale: ZL930 ZL933 ZL936 ZL950 ZL953 ZL956.
In the attachment I send out images and video clips from our creation, as effectively as some photos of gear.
We provide loaders underneath our possess model Hoadezu. Specialized information and images in the attachment. The prices are for reference, remember to specify them on ask for :-).
If you have a ask for, remember to send it to me :-).

HangZhou CZPT Intercontinental Trade Co., Ltd, Income Supervisor Irina Mamoshina.

As the most compact tiny precision gear program, worm equipment sets supply high reduction ratios in a really little space. Worm equipment sets transmit motion between disjoint appropriate-angle shafts and give the quietest, smoothest operating procedure of any equipment kind.

China Custom Gearbox Gears of The Drive Shaft of The Auxiliary Gearbox Gearbox Gears of The Drive Shaft of The Auxiliary Gearbox CZPT Delong F3000 Fast Wheel Loader Parts     with Free Design Custom