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Dear friends!
My identify is Irina Mamoshina. Remember to shell out a second of your focus : -).
Our firm HangZhou CZPT Intercontinental Trade Co., Ltd is engaged in the generation and sale of automobile components for Chinese particular gear, engines and tools assembly. We also produce metallic areas ourselves, such as gears, fingers, filters, etc.
Our items include:
— (Xugong) spare elements for front, XG955areas for front-end loaders:
LG918, LG936, LG956, LG958, LG968
ZL30H, ZL50H, ZL50G, ZL60H, ZL968, ZL958
FL935E, FL936, FL958G, FL956
— spare areas for front loaders:
CLG856, ZL40B, ZL30E, ZL50C, ZL50EX, LG835
CDM816, CDM835E, CDM853, CDM855E, CDM856E, CDM860.
We also offer you the following versions of CZPT for sale: ZL930 ZL933 ZL936 ZL950 ZL953 ZL956.
In the attachment I send out images and movies from our production, as properly as some photos of tools.
We provide loaders below our possess manufacturer Hoadezu. Specialized data and photos in the attachment. The costs are for reference, make sure you specify them on ask for :-).
If you have a ask for, make sure you send out it to me :-).

HangZhou CZPT Global Trade Co., Ltd, Revenue Manager Irina Mamoshina.

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