Product Description

Parallel shaft gear units are part of the SIMOGEAR modular system which primarily contains bevel helical, parallel shaft, worm equipment units or mechanically variable velocity drives. With 3 or solitary period AC motors with or without brake, all imaginable push combos up to digital speed variable drives are possible 

Parallel shaft equipment units are developed for constant duty underneath the most arduous working conditions.

The durable gear housings are created of large quality solid-iron and dampen vibrations.

Lubricant decline and entry of dust and h2o are successfully pre- vented by radial shaft seals with dust and protecting lips.

All gears are hobbed, scenario hardened and profile ground or ho- ned. Additionally, gear theeth are profile corrected and crow- ned for optimum efficiency.

Helical gearing offers for optimum quiet operation.

Output and input shafts of 2 or 3 stage gear models are parallel. 

Design Variations

This selection of MOTOX-N parallel shaft gear units are made to supply double or triple stage equipment reduction.

The standard device is available for use in all mounting positions.

The gear packing containers are manufactured as strong shaft gear boxes or as hollow shaft gearboxes with fitted important, shrink disc or splined shaft connections. 

Info necessary for selection 
The subsequent data is needed in order to pick the right gearbox:

1. Type of pushed equipment
two. Everyday operating time h
three. Necessary enter energy kW or needed torque Nm
4. Needed output velocity n 2 of the geared motor rpm or gearbox ratio i
five. Running voltage V and frequency Hz
six. Working manner, variety of startings, inverter-fed operation, sort of startup
seven. Instant of inertia J Load kgm2 of the driving equipment lowered to the motor shaft
eight. Kind of energy transmission on gearbox shafts (immediate, coupling, belt, chain, gear wheel)
9. Radial force F r N at the input shaft and direction of drive with length from the shaft shoulder to the point of software and axial forceFax [N] with route of drive
10. Ambient temperature oC
eleven. Degree of protection
12. Mounting placement
thirteen. Necessary braking torque Nm
14. Any rules (CSA, VIK, and so on.) 

The advised resources for the worm are hardened steel and bronze for the worm equipment. Even so, depending on the application, unhardened metal worms can run adequately and much more economically on forged iron worm gears rated at 50%. In addition to steel and hardened steel, worms are accessible in stainless metal, aluminum, bronze, and nylon worm gears are obtainable in steel, hardened metal, stainless metal, aluminum, nylon, and non-metallic (phenolic).

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