Product Description

Item Title: Forklift kit overhaul transmission forklift spiral bevel equipment
Solution Product: Forklift spiral bevel gear BSX-14463-42001-SX  


Spiral Bevel Equipment and Output Shaft of Forklift Transmission Box

Forklift spiral bevel equipment is a forklift hydraulic transmission gearbox portion. Forklift spiral bevel gear and output shaft are used with each other. In get to avoid poor set up, forklift spiral bevel gear and gear shaft should be obtained as a complete set.

The internal composition of mechanical gearbox and hydraulic gearbox is different, so the installation framework of bevel equipment shaft is various. When choosing a spiral bevel equipment for a forklift, be certain to identify the model and part quantity of the forklift part and forklift design.

Certain pitches and sales opportunities of the worm do not let the worm equipment to push the worm. This is beneficial when the application needs to lock the output if the software is working in the reverse course. When the helix angle is less than 5°, the worm is self-locking. When the helix angle is greater than 10°, the worm can be pushed back again. Worm and worm gear assemblies have to be mounted on vertical, non-intersecting shafts.

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