Product Description

Dear buddies!
My identify is Irina Mamoshina. Remember to spend a moment of your consideration : -).
Our business HangZhou CZPT Worldwide Trade Co., Ltd is engaged in the generation and sale of auto components for Chinese specific products, engines and products assembly. We also make steel elements ourselves, this kind of as gears, fingers, filters, and so on.
Our goods contain:
— (Xugong) spare elements for frontelements for front-end loaders:
LG918, LG936, LG956, LG958, LG968
ZL30H, ZL50H, ZL50G, ZL60H, ZL968, ZL958
FL935E, FL936, FL958G, FL956
— spare components for front loaders:
CLG856, ZL40B, ZL30E, ZL50C, ZL50EX, LG835
CDM816, CDM835E, CDM853, CDM855E, CDM856E, CDM860.
We also provide the following designs of CZPT for sale: ZL930 ZL933 ZL936 ZL950 ZL953 ZL956.
In the attachment I send out photographs and movies from our creation, as nicely as some photographs of tools.
We supply loaders underneath our very own model Hoadezu. Specialized data and photographs in the attachment. The prices are for reference, please specify them on request :-).
If you have a ask for, please send out it to me :-).

HangZhou CZPT International Trade Co., Ltd, Revenue Supervisor Irina Mamoshina.

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