Product Description

Material Possibilities Most machinable resources, like:
-Brass (H62)
-Bronze (ZCuAl10Fe3, ZCuSn12Ni2)
-Plastic (POM,PA66)
-Steel (Q235A, 45Cr, 20Cr, 20CrMnTi, 38CrMoAl)
-Stainless Metal (SUS201, SUS304, SUS316)
-Iron (HT200, HT250, QT450, QT500)
Area Therapy :
-Black Coating
-Chromium/Zinc/Nickel Plating
Machining Capabilities :
-Equipment Slicing
-Precision Tuming
-Precision Milling
-CNC /Manual Mills
-Centerless Grinding
High quality and Inspection
-ISO 9001:2015 certification
-CE certification
-Accredited Inspection and Check Products

Security PROVISIONS: Worm drives ought to not be utilised as a locking system to protected weighty objects, which could cause damage or harm for the duration of reverse action. In non-potentially dangerous programs, self-locking is necessary to prevent reverse rotation, and then a low-pitch one-threaded worm is employed to automatically lock the worm equipment to avert reverse rotation.

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