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                              Merchandise Name: CNC  
Bevel Equipment Generator GN25N

·  CNC Bevel Gear CZPT with 4 times effectiveness than CZPT Equipment Generator.
·  This machine is a common equipment primarily based on flat-floor gear creating concept and adopts the     extending implies to process straight bevel gears. It is relevant to the amount generating of straight bevel equipment in the discipline of vehicle, tractor, equipment tools and other CZPT production market.
·  The device adopts vertical double station format. The cutter head is with large diameter and with great stability. The gears whose module is in 6mm taxi be shaped in 1 time on the significant blank.
·   The device has 2 swing tables, which can alternatively enter into the reducing situation, which can pair-processing the equipment pair and can help save the workpiece assembling time.
As the major chopping details of the cutters are developed to be established on a concave area, the equipment which be minimize is a type of drum equipment. This sort of gears can lessen the sensibility of the gear placement mistake, increase the contacting and lessen the noise.
·   The operating situation switching is completed by hydraulic and controlled by manual. All the equipment forming processes are carried out by computerized apart from the manual workpiece loading. The device is hugely automated, hassle-free in procedure safe and trustworthy.

The equipment ratio of the worm equipment set is established by dividing the amount of tooth of the equipment by the variety of threads. For that reason, solitary thread yields greater ratios than multithreading. All ep worm gear bushings have still left or right thread. ep worm gear sets are accessible in single, double, triple and quadruple threads.

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