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1. We have 15 a long time encounter in crusher spare areas with lower price tag and high quality. 
2. All sorts of surface therapies are accessible: Sprucing, Epoxy Coatings, zinc plating, nickel plating, powder coating, e-coating, DIP coating, phosphate coating, anodizing, painting, and many others…
3. We can provide castings, fabrications, deep drawing, machining, welding and assembly. 
4. Roviding samples with essential dimensions and customizing inspection report, content certification to buyer for validation and verification
five. We focus in fast change around with low quantity orders. You should forward your specification for quoting.

Jaw stock is the primary spare components of Jaw crusher. Swing Jaws lay on it.
content of jaw stock: carbon metal or in accordance to buyer prerequisite
area remedy: shot blast& oil& portray
MOQ: 1pc
Production time: 6weeks for 1st piece and pattern, pursuing 4pcs within 4weeks
Technologies: sand casting& machining

Casting workshop


The principal gain of worm gears is their capacity to offer high reduction ratios and correspondingly substantial torque multipliers. They can also be used as reducers for lower to medium velocity apps. Also, because their reduction ratio is dependent on the quantity of enamel on the equipment, they are far more compact than other kinds of gears. Like wonderful pitch leadscrews, worm gears are generally self-locking, producing them excellent for hoisting and hoisting programs.

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