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POM (Full-title: Polyformaldehyde), is a engineering plastics of non-facet-chain, high density, substantial crystalline and linear polymer, which is praised “Plastic Metal”, and has extensive outstanding performances, such as: wear-resistance, high hardness, anti-impregnant, good rigidity (Tensile modulus of elasticity), chemical balance, isolation resistance and dimensional balance. POM has widely applied in Automobile industries, electronic and electric powered merchandise, commodity, CZPT & fittings, exact apparatus and so on, which CZPT as an alternative of the bronze, Zinc, tin and other metals.
Except POM-H, is often copolymerized with ethylene oxide collectively, in purchase to steer clear of the melting of POM materials in the substantial temperature. POM-H has the better performances than POM-C in its higher crystalline, mechanical energy and rigidity. And POM-C has the far better performances than POM-H in its lower melting stage, temperature stability, fluxion attribute and machining functionality.
Father much more, POM-H+PTFE, which is produced from the Delrin POM Resin that maxed Teflon fiber symmetrically, has the low co-productive of frication, great lubrication, put on-resistance, non-creepage resistance.


Knowledge Sheet of POM 


The gear ratio of the worm gear established is established by dividing the variety of tooth of the equipment by the quantity of threads. Therefore, solitary thread yields higher ratios than multithreading. All ep worm equipment bushings have remaining or right thread. ep worm equipment sets are accessible in single, double, triple and quadruple threads.

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