Bevel Gears

Custom Injection Molding Wear Resistant Plastic Bevel Gear

Bevel Gears are gears which instead of being a cylinder with straight teeth (like a spur gear), it is formed into a cone (essentially a tapered spur gear). The teeth at the bottom of the bevel (the large end) taper down to smaller gear teeth at the top of the bevel gear (small end). Bevel gears usually run on shafts that are 90 degrees to one another whose axis intersect at some point above the gear teeth.
Bevel gears are typically constructed from metal or plastic. Bevel gears can be made of various types of materials with differing properties, such as aluminum, bronze, cast iron, brass, steel, hardened steel, and stainless steel. Plastic materials used to make bevel gears include Delrin, nylon, and polycarbonate.The bevel gear has many different applications such as marine applications, locomotives, printing presses, automobiles, cooling towers, steel plants, power plants, railway track inspection machines, etc.

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Products Description

We can make standard gear and special gear as per drawing or sample.

Heat treatment and surface treatment: case hardening, zinc plating, nick plating, chrome plating, powder coating, blackening, and so on.

Our process: tooling fabrication, stamping, deep drawing, punching, spinning, laser cutting, bending, seamless welding, machining, and assembly.

Plastic Bevel Gear

Plastic bevel gears are a type of gear commonly used in industrial processes and equipment. They transfer motion between intersecting axes. These gears come in many styles and sizes. Plastic bevel gears can have helical or straight-cut teeth. The spiral-cut version is smoother and quieter than the straight cut.
Typically, bevel gears are sold in pairs. Each pair includes two bevel gears. The gears are designed to be paired to achieve the desired gear ratio.
Whether you need bevel gears or something else, you must find the highest quality gear. Factors you should consider include material, quality, and size. It is important to note that depending on the application; you may need to lubricate the gears.

Application: Electronic/Appliance/Auto/Industrial equipment metal stamping hardware parts

(1) According to the different strengths and performance, we choose the steel with strong compression;
(2) Using German professional software and our professional engineers to design products with more reasonable sizes and better performance;
(3) We can customize our products according to the needs of our customers. Therefore, the optimal performance of the gear can be exerted under different working conditions;
(4) Quality assurance in every step to ensure product quality is controllable.

The Advantages of Plastic Bevel Gears:

  1. Plastic bevel gears are easily molded into various shapes to have a wider range of configurations.
  2. Plastic bevel gears are less expensive and are lighter in weight.
  3. Plastic bevel gears are chemical and corrosion-resistant.
  4. Plastic bevel gears have a quieter and smoother operation and offer more efficient drive geometry.
  5. Plastic bevel gears are inherently self-lubricating.

While plastic gears offer these many advantages over metal gears, their practical use requires proper design and engineering to account for possible dimensional and property variations over the expected range of operating conditions.

Product parameters

Plastic Bevel Gear
Precision grade
 DIN6, DIN7, DIN8, DIN10
Pressure angle
20 degree
 C45 steel, Stainless steel 304, Plastic, Brass, 20CrMo,40Cr and so on
Heat treatment
Heat treatment
Surface treatment
Blacking, Polishing, Anodization, Chrome Plating, Zinc Plating, Nickel Plating
Precision cutting machines. Lathes. Milling machines. Grinders. Automated mechanical systems. Automated warehousing systems.
Machining process
 Hobbing, Milling, Drilling, Shaving, Grinding

Types of Gears

Plastic Bevel Gearbox

Plastic bevel gears are a type of gearbox. They change the load’s axis of rotation and transmit forces at 90-degree angles.
Bevel gears are available in a variety of sizes and features. Some features include Helical Cut, Flat Shaft, and Hex Shaft features. They can be manufactured in various diameters from 0.2340″ to 0.9150″. Overall width can be from 0.219″ to 1.125″.
Plastic gears are softer than metal gears, which means they tend to retain heat. In applications with high temperature and high humidity changes, this can be a problem.
In addition to being a soft material, plastic gear is also quiet. They are suitable for applications in the medical, dental, and food industries. However, their strength is very low.

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