Bevel Gears

Teeth Hardened Ground Zerol Bevel Gears for Vehicle Differential

Bevel Gears are gears which instead of being a cylinder with straight teeth (like a spur gear), it is formed into a cone (essentially a tapered spur gear). The teeth at the bottom of the bevel (the large end) taper down to smaller gear teeth at the top of the bevel gear (small end). Bevel gears usually run on shafts that are 90 degrees to one another whose axis intersect at some point above the gear teeth.
Bevel gears are typically constructed from metal or plastic. Bevel gears can be made of various types of materials with differing properties, such as aluminum, bronze, cast iron, brass, steel, hardened steel, and stainless steel. Plastic materials used to make bevel gears include Delrin, nylon, and polycarbonate.The bevel gear has many different applications such as marine applications, locomotives, printing presses, automobiles, cooling towers, steel plants, power plants, railway track inspection machines, etc.

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Zerol bevel gears have teeth curved in the lengthwise direction. These gears are also somewhat similar to spiral bevel gears in terms of their profile. Their difference is the spiral angle; Zerol types have 0° spiral angles while spiral types have 35°. Like the straight bevel gears, Zerol types do not produce excessive thrust loads. Thus, plain contact bearings can be used. Zero types can be substituted with straight bevel gears without changing the housing or bearings. Moreover, due to its curvature, Zerol bevel gear teeth have a slight overlapping action similar to spiral gears. This makes the gears run smoother than straight bevel gears.

Zerol bevel gear teeth are generated by a rotary mill cutter. The curvature of this cutter makes the lengthwise curvature of the tooth. Zerol bevel gears are cut at high precision, often finished by lapping or grinding.


Bevel gears are cone shaped gears which transmit motion between two intersecting shafts. Zerol bevel gears (trade marked by the Gleason Co.) are spiral bevel gears in which the spiral angle is zero at the middle of the face width. They have the combination of advantages of straight and spiral bevel gears. Their characteristics are summarized below.

  • The force on the teeth of zerol bevel gears are the same as straight bevel gears, eliminating the inward thrusting force. Because of this, they can be substituted with straight bevel gears without changing the attachment conditions or bearings.
  • Since zerol bevel gears can be ground, compared to straight bevel gears, they are more accurate, quiet and have a superior anti-friction quality.
  • As with spiral bevel gears, they are used with right-hand and left-hand twist as a set.
  • Normally, spiral bevel gears can be rotated only in one direction, but due to the zero twist angle of zerol gears, they can be rotated in both directions just as with straight bevel gears.

Stronger against breakage

Overall zerol bevel gears are stronger against breakage compared to straight and spiral bevel gears for the following reasons.

  • Tooth thickness is larger.
  • The tooth length of zerol bevel gears is longer than those of straight bevel gears.
Material Alloy Steel: AISI 8620, SCM415, SCM420, SCM440…etc.
Carbon Steel: S35C, S45C…etc
Stainless Steel: 304, 306, 316, 416…etc
Brass/Bronze: CAC703, CAC704, ALBC2…etc
Plastic: ABS, POM, Nylon, PP…etc.
Other Specific Materials by Customer
Module 0.3, 0.4, …..1.0, 1.25, 1.5, 1.75, 2.0, 2.25, 2.5, ……6.0 or other specific modules
Tolerance Control Outer Diameter: Min. ±0.005 mm, Length Dimension: Min. ±0.01 mm or Customer’s SPEC
Teeth Accuracy JIS Class 0, DIN Class 4, AGMA Class 13, ISO Class 4
Heat Treatment Quenching, Tempering, Annealing, Gas/Vacuum Carburizing, Nitriding, Austempering, ADI, Precipitation hardening, cryogenic treatment…etc.
Surface Treatment Zinc plating, Nickel Plating, ,Trivalent chromium plating, Oxide black, Anodizing process, Electroplating, Sandblasting…etc.

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